Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smokey Bean Dip

Well, if we can’t win, we might as well eat good while we’re watching.

Mix well:
1 can refried beans OR 1 ½ cups leftover homemade refritos
1 cup smoked pork loin, grated, or finely chopped or ground
½ cup sour cream
½ cup grated four-cheese mix
2 minced jalopenos
1 can diced green chilies
1 minced clove garlic

Serve warm, room temp or chilled with tortilla chips or Fritos scoops.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Ooohhh..this sounds fabulous! Definitely a keeper!

We had something similar at a restaurant in Atlanta and I always wondered how they did it. I think I know now!

Ralph said...

Okay I have to try this. But, first I need to get a new smoker. Notice you got one and had brisket and pork loin. Man, why I am suddenly so hungry?

Janell said...

RLL: Hey, thanks for stopping by.
But, Darn! I thought I invented this one. I think I'll claim the Atlanta place copied me.

Ralph; maybe you'll get one for Christmas. Or you can stop out here and use mine next time you're in the neighborhood. :)

Ralph said...

I was in your neighborhood earlier today. Passed right through town. While in the area I bought a new smoker. Brisket in a day or two - smoked salmon first.
Thanks for the offer and the recipe. Keep them coming.

Janell said...

Happy smoking, Ralph! Email me how you do the salmon.

LZ Blogger said...

Janelle ~ Were you referring to that game in Norman? If so... that was some very good insight! Other than the first five plays for NU, it was a pretty good game! I hope things get better! ~ jb///

Janell said...

ME, too, Jerry. Me, too...